Thank you for your entry.
Please be sure to check the following before running.
Good luck!

Have you downloaded the app TATTA ?

How to download & link TATTA app

The availability of TATTA app is subject to where you live.
There are some regions/areas in which the app is not available.

<Recommended environment>

– iOS = Version14 or later
– Android = Version8 or later

* Update to the latest version recommended.

Did you log in with the email address and password you used when you entered ?
Open the app, enter your ID and password. Then tap on the sync button.

Please enter and prepare in advance.
Tap [Event] in the TATTA app and check if [HITORI TATTA WORLD MARATHON] is displayed. If it is, you are all set! (This will be reflected on the same day, once you enter the race.)

Please check before running.

Open TATTA and display the measurement screen from the start menu.

Tap ① at the top of the screen to display the list of ② events.
Make sure that [HITORI TATTA WORLD MARATHON] is included in the ②list.
Your record will be reflected on all events displayed in the events list.

If this is not displayed, check:

Did you log in with the account you registered at the time of entry?
Is the activity selected correctly? (Is Running or Trail Run set?)

The list can be closed by tapping any other part of the screen part.