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■Participation Awards:Towel(Only Full Marathon)

All participant who apply for this event (except the 10km Fun Run) will receive a special towel!
The letter “I” has been printed on the towel to represent the Tokyo Tower.

※Participation prizes will be sent out in late December.

35cm × 100cm

■T-shirts of our own products(sale)

You can get this T-shirts for an additional fee (Paid 2,500JPY)

<Shirt Size>

shirt length 65cm/shoulder width 45cm/chest length 48cm
shirt length 68cm/shoulder width 47cm/chest length 51cm
shirt length 71cm/shoulder width 49cm/chest length 54cm
shirt length 74cm/shoulder width 51cm/chest length 57cm

This is a unisex shirt.

※Participation prizes will be sent out in late December.

■Record Certificate

A Record Certificate will be available online.

※All finisher will receive a [Record Certificate]

※10km Fun Run is distributed in the application.

■Finisher Medal (Category A only)

The medal has two circles, and there are currency symbols (such as dollar signs) from around the world on the outer circle. You will also find it interesting as the inner circle rotate.
The color of the medal straps differs between Full Marathon and the 10km Fun Run.

※Participation prizes will be sent out in late December.

■Event number

Tournament number that can be downloaded on the WEB.

Please enter your favorite number
Please print it and wear it when
you run.

  • TATTA(タッタ)
  •  arbeee(アルビー)
  • 月刊ランナーズ